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Easily the best gym in Brisbane! Anyone looking to get out of the traditional gym grind needs to come and check these guys out. I have been going here for a year and couldn’t imagine ever going back to a traditional gym.

Emma C

Shaun and Sam have made me feel really welcome, are very patient, give me one on one advice with every session and all the people are so friendly. They are very very experienced, safe and are patient with me setting my goals. It’s a great atmosphere for any age group. I have been to 4 other gyms over the years but this is the best hands down.

Danny A

I have been training with Renegade for just over a year and cannot recommend highly enough. They have helped me come leaps and bounds in all areas of my training. From helping with nutrition and putting together meals plans, too rehab and training with a long existing knee injury (I used to be able to train on my knee/legs once every couple of weeks if I was lucky, now I train as though I don’t have an injury) These guys are always going the extra mile without being asked, and always do so with a smile.

Jaden H

A Few Stories From Our Clients

These incredible stories are a few years old now, from when we had been running for 6 months out of a danky old shed. We are now 4 years in, coaching from a top notch facility and have played a part in hundreds more success stories. But we love looking back and sharing these tales and think you might enjoy them too!