What You Get In Your Renegade 6WC Action Pack:

As part of this program you get everything you need to achieve sensational results. This includes:

  • Renegade training shirt.
  • Renegade water bottle.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring strap and tracking software (optional).
  • Body composition testing before, mid-way and after the program.
  • Performance testing at the start and finish of the program including strength, fitness, endurance and flexibility assessments.
  • 1-on-1 initial consultation with a Renegade coach to create your tailored action plan based on your individual goals.
  • Weekly check-ins with your assigned coach.
  • 6WC results guide – your very own results bible! Includes goal setting, action plans, habit analysis, initial health assessment, weekly tracking and accountability log, motivational materials, learning resources and more!
  • A diet plan with 30 simple meals, all tailored to your own exact calorie requirements.
  • 4x Outdoor weekend workouts including mountain hikes, beach blitz and bootcamps.
  • Our 7 Super Simple Secrets To Success Guide.
  • Supplement taking guide and samples.
  • Discounts from our active partners; including UrbanX, iFly, Bounce