We don’t do fad diets because they don’t last. We don’t believe in extreme calorie deficits, starving (call it fasting if you want) or radical exclusion of carbohydrates.

We use proven calculations that assess your body composition then prescribe macronutrients and calories to provide you with 30+ simple and delicious recipes, portioned to your exact needs to achieve incredible results.

Heart Rate Monitoring Integration is coming to Renegade exclusively for the 6WC!

This program you will be able to track the results of each workout to assess the active calories burned through exercise and use your activity journal (a resource we provide you) to log, track and compare your active calorie burn compared to your weekly calorie burn goals. Your assigned coach will assist you to create a sustainable weekly exercise regime to burn the calories needed to achieve your goal!

As explained in the nutrition section, you will be eating as many calories each day as your body needs to maintain homeostasis (optimal function). That means you’ll be burning through stored body fat to fuel every additional calorie burned (through exercise) throughout the program. Anyone that has trained with us before knows just how challenging each session is, but we pride ourselves on the diversity of our program and training styles. Getting the complete mixture of sessions at Renegade each week will strengthen, build and densify muscle tissue as well as rapidly burning through stored adipose (fat) tissue as an energy source.

With the assistance of your assigned Renegade coach, you will be able to identify the areas of your lifestyle and daily habits that may be impacting your health. We help you analyse sleep patterns, sugar and substance addictions, energy levels, ways to increase daily activity and more. From here, we work with you to implement simple substitution methods to turn your bad habits into healthy habits.

Being healthy starts with headspace. We will work with you to better understand how reducing stress and improving your mental wellness through simple yet effective well-being practices can drastically improve your health and wellbeing.

This program places a big focus on not just telling you what to do, but why. We value education in the realm of health and fitness and we actively seek to share what we know with you. We will provide you with resources that we use ourselves and expose you to an abundance of quality information streams including books, articles, videos and podcasts.

When you join this program, you won’t be alone. You’ll have the support of a coach dedicated to your well-being. You will be apart of a group of like-minded and driven participants. You’ll also be equipped with with your own 6 Week Challenge guide, also known as the results bible. This document will allow you to log your goals, draft an action plan, track your progress, reflect on your wellness, plan your meals and record your activity. This, paired with on-going support, motivational materials and additional learning resources.

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