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The Renegade attitude & way of life is just something else entirely. Imagine a training facility where people actually go to train, be social and have fun. Think less mirrors and more focus on technique, less going at it alone and more bossing through sessions as a team, less killing time and more making the most of every moment. More work but even better results, because we all know the two go hand in hand! We encourage our team to train like Super Stars so that they can live like Rock Stars!

At Renegade it’s not all about who has the best bum, biggest muscles or tiniest tummies – it’s just not the atmosphere that we have at our studio. The real vibe we have is about members challenging themselves and each other every session. Our members learn the importance of giving 100% and celebrating the progress they make along the way. The team all enjoy what we do and make each workout the most fun it can be!

Sure, on some level we all love to see the visual results of our hard work as the weight starts to come off and muscles begin to tone, but at Renegade the visual results aren’t the focus. Looking healthy is simply one of the many rewards of being healthy.

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The Renegade Difference:

As a business we pride ourselves on our People Come First policy. We focus on charging less and offering more than any of our competitors and taking every opportunity we can to give back to our members and the community. We Don’t just say it – we prove it each and every day!

Renegades are always hungry for more, never stop going forward, and are committed to results. We know each other’s names and stories, and we always encourage each other to push the limits – because ‘momma didn’t raise no quitters.

Learn More About Our Unique Training Style
  • We take our training seriously, but not ourselves.

  • We work hard during the week so we can play hard on the weekend.

  • We motivate each other to crush goals and exceed expectations.

  • We offer insanely low prices, so that our members can train as often as they need without budget being an issue

  • We get to know everybody by name, know their stories and find what motivates everyone individually

  • We stay in touch and follow up with you when you don’t show up, it helps you stay motivated and let’s us show you we care

  • Our loyalty rewards program for all members is unparalleled. This means you get back the money you spend and rewarded for the work you put in, in the form of awesome prizes! It’s just a small way we can give back and reward you for choosing us

  • We wholeheartedly embrace the social aspect of training together, when we train we are a team – when the hard work is done we are a family and everyone is welcome to join!