What Is Athletic Conditioning?

Athletic Conditioning is all about focusing on performance and giving 110%.

We’ve found a way to bring the Athletic Strength & Conditioning training styles of elite teams and apply them to group classes where we can accommodate¬†complete novices through to seasoned athletes all at the same time and still ensure everyone gets a workout suited to their level and abilities.

That’s what makes it so fun and so effective! Everyone is welcome and everyone can make progress!

Our open group classes each focus on radically improving different elements of  Athletic Performance. This training style allows you to reach your own level of peak performance by highlighting your strengths and working on your weaknesses. The areas of performance that we focus on most are:

  • Improving Muscular Strength & Explosive Power

  • Increasing Your Cardiovascular Fitness And Oxygen Absorption

  • Accelerating Whole Body Speed And Agility

  • Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation & Posture Correction

Each of our sessions are designed to compliment and highlight their respective elements, by combining multiple sessions each week you can experience our training cohesively and focus on every area of your body.

Athletic Conditioning Training

How About An Example? Think About Your Favourite Athlete or Team…

They’re elite athletes that focus on always performing at 100%. It’s not about the way they look it’s all about the way they perform and recover,
it’s just an extra perk that this type of training shreds you up!

They train hard, eat clean and have the gold statues to prove it. But they can’t jump out of bed and onto the field because their success isn’t just from raw talent, it’s honed and sculpted by structured training, also known as Athletic Conditioning.

Our methods of training are very similar, we combine High Intensity Training protocols to everything we do to achieve full energy exertion each session. As a Renegade, you will be given the tools to train up to and beyond your limits and reap the rewards at the top like true champions.
Join the gold standard of conditioning training, create your perfect body and you’ll be ready to call yourself an athlete and compete with the greats.