At Renegade Conditioning we strive for our members to live a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle.
Our functional training program and outstanding community of members and coaches make it a pleasure to get sweaty everyday.

Our goal is for each of our members to be confident in all physical endeavors whether it be playing social sport, climbing a mountain on the weekend, playing with your children, or simply doing house chores without feeling uncomfortable, weak, and injury-prone.

Our carefully designed programs are scalable for all fitness levels and accessible to everyone. A professional athlete can come to one of our classes with their grandmother and we would be able to scale the workout so both have an enjoyable and beneficial workout resulting in better performance.

Our program focuses on blocks of periodized functional strength training, High-intensity circuit training, cardio and core work, and mobility work ensuring that all of our members are getting stronger, fitter, more flexible, and becoming more spatially aware of their bodies to ensure they are physically capable and confident no matter their physical endeavour or goals.

We have helped hundreds of Renegades reach a higher level of health, strength and fitness, be more comfortable and confident in their skin and perform better on the sporting field and you could be next!