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We are always growing and always on the lookout for motivated new trainers to join our ranks and take their next exciting leap forward in their career!

So, what does it take to become a Professor of Performance, a Master-Mechanic of Movement, an Expert of Exercise and an Architect of Athleticism? More simply, what does it take to become a Renegade Coach?

Hard-work, dedication, passion and enthusiasm. That’s what we want in our Renegade Coaches.

No one becomes a performance guru overnight so we look beyond the qualifications and root out the values the matter.

Our mentor program will ensure you know what you need to know, then its up to you to be who you need to be.

To succeed here you need to be willing to learn and adapt, be generous with your time, passionate in your desire to teach/help others and have a winning personality.

Running sessions is easy, making exercise/workouts the highlight of everyone’s day is the hard part.

If you can do that, then you can be one of us!

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