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Renegade Conditioning are the pioneers of Athletic Conditioning training in Brisbane. We’ve found a way to bring the athletic strength & conditioning training styles of elite teams and apply them to group classes where we can accommodate complete novices through to seasoned athletes all at the same time. Each session we ensure everyone gets a challenging workout suited to their level and abilities. That’s what makes it so fun and so effective! Everyone is welcome and everyone can make progress!

We offer a range of class types designed to specifically target speed, strength, aerobic fitness and high intensity output.

If you’re after well-rounded training tailored towards performance and continued progression, with a big emphasis on fun and group interaction then you’re in the right place. Get started today and let the professors of performance help you find out what you’re really capable of!


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Get Yours Now

Select either of the awesome starter packs above and you will be taken to our online accounts management portal, MindBody. There you can register your account and purchase your starter pack in just a few clicks. Then you’re set to book into your first session! One of our coaches will be in contact with you soon to help get you started and book in your consultation.

A Few Stories From Our Clients

These incredible stories are a few years old now, from when we had been running for 6 months out of a danky old shed. We are now 4 years in, coaching from a top notch facility and have played a part in hundreds more success stories. But we love looking back and sharing these tales and think you might enjoy them too!