Sessions are the best they’ve ever been at Renegade.
This month, you can claim a FREE 2 Week Trial Pass and experience that for yourself!

New and old members are welcome participate and see why
60 minute all inclusive sessions are set to become the new standard in group training everywhere.

Each session involves a segment of:
– Specific joint mobilisation to improve functional movements and posture
– Tailored resistance training for strength and lean muscle development
– High intensity interval training (HIIT) for rapid calorie burning and increased endurance/anaerobic output
– Moderate intensity cardiovascular training achieved through functional body-weight movements and core training integration
– Whole-body stretching to increase recovery time and maintain a healthy body balance

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We don’t usually do contracts but if you’re willing to show us you’re committed, then we are willing to reward you with a hot discount! Get stuck in for 3 months, build a routine around kicking ass daily and learn to love your Renegade sessions for 3 months (12 weeks) and not only will you save 25% across the 3 months, but we will put you on a foundation membership after. This means you lock down the $30/week offer on a cancel anytime membership once your initial 3 month contract is completed.

Better still, we will hook you up with a signature Renegade training tee in your favourite colour so you look and feel like part of the team!