Renegade sessions are our bread and butter with components of both periodised strength training and high intensity conditioning, focusing on the fundamentals.
These classes will have you building muscle, burning fat and feeling more and more confident as an athlete every session.




Mass sessions focus on how to move heavy weights correctly and powerfully.

These structured 6 week training cycles help you build functional strength, lean muscle mass and increase power output.




“Workout Of the Week” tests the teams strength, fitness and muscular endurance, cycling through 6 challenging workouts. Scores for these sessions are recorded so that in 6 weeks our members can compete against themselves and track their progress.




FIRE sessions are our cardio body weight burners.

Expect running, jumping, skipping and functional body weight movements in different circuit formats.

These workouts will improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase your lactic threshold and torch calories.

Scores will be recorded in these sessions to help set goals and create some friendly competition amongst renegades.



Pilates + stretch:

Muscle activation, core, balance and stability sessions with Issy.

These classes are to help the team move injury free with confidence, improved balance and better spacial awareness to perform at their peak.


Social Bootcamp:

Social Bootcamp:

We like to kick off our weekends right with Saturday Social Bootcamps. This is a great  opportunity to invite friends and family of the Renegade team to get involved, get outside and enjoy a serotonin hit. Feel the burn with some field work, tyre flips and group games.