• Learn to move without pain

  • Book in times that suit you

  • Adopt functional movements

  • Master advanced training techniques

  • Accelerate your progress

  • Reach goals you never thought possible

Every session with a Renegade coach is massive step forwards towards your goals. Every time you step through those doors you can expect the absolute VIP treatment coz you’re going to be the star of the workout.

We treat these sessions as a chance to spend more time educating clients on how to maximize the benefits of every rep they perform so no time is ever wasted and every effort is capitalised on.

We pride ourselves on motivating our 1-on-1 clients to want to always perform better and achieve more every day. With the right motivation and detailed plans to achieve your goals there is no chance of failure.

We have seen 100’s of clients adopt healthier mindsets and achieve goals that may have once seemed out of reach.

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