Open Group Training

Open Group Sessions are our quintessential athletic conditioning delivery method, these sessions are designed for Renegades of any fitness level to come together and crush their goals. For more information on our sessions, you can view the complete write-ups on every class variant below, or watch our class insider videos here.

Open Group: Metabolic Velocity
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We’re going back to basics here with classic High Intensity Interval Training. If you love plain and simple but super effective then you will really dig this session. We set up an array of stations with just 1-2 exercises at each and a set time to work and rest. Basic by design but super charged with expert picked exercises to get your motor running at full capacity.

Take part in the Workout Of The Day planned for 2. Share the the thrills and push each other to blast through this double dose of action and excitement. Bring a friend along with you or be teamed up with another solo star when you arrive.

This workout is all about timing. The entire workout revolves around having set timed intervals of work/rest and trying to complete the set workload in as few intervals as possible. We have an array variations for this fun workout so it always seems different and exciting!

Take on the Renegade Workout Of The Day. This session will always be different so you never know what you’re in for but you can always expect a great workout! We promise high intensity action and something unique each and every week.

Climbing Mt. Everest is one of the most challenging feats of strength, endurance and mental grit anyone can go through & at Renegade it is no different. In this body blasting workout you are taking a few exercises head on and racing to climb up a set scale of reps and back down again. The faster/harder you work the better the results that you get!

Open Group: Core Igniter
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Boxing is one of the best, most effective and enjoyable forms of cardio. Blow off some steam, learn technique and work up a sweat with these action packed workouts.

What’s better than a Core Conditioning session at Renegade? A Partnered Core Conditioning Session! Work with a partner to complete the Workout Of The Day. This means partnered exercises and alternating stations. No matter what you’re asked to do in these sessions, take comfort in the fact you won’t be doing it alone! Great way to meet other members or have fun training with your friends!

So you want abs? Glorious, strong, toned, sculpted abs? This is the session for you. It is a mix of fundamental and advanced ab exercises with a minimal amount of cardio to keep the heart rate up/ fat burning as we’re building your mid-section.

In this session we combine shorts bursts of cardio based drills/exercises and dynamic core movements into short, fast paced rounds. Get through the set amount of rounds as quick as you can and have a whole lot of fun while doing it!

Open Group: Power HIIT
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The ultimate combination of strength & conditioning designed to help you increase your power and build lean, firm muscle mass. In these sessions there is no boring 3 sets of 10 reps, just dynamic resistance based exercises in circuits designed to push you to your limits.